About us

REVART journal, as it was conceived and as it continues to preserve its identity, is a singular presence in the Romanian landscape, having as main purpose the formation of a culture of the quality of the act of scientific research and dissemination of information on art and theory theories.

The first issue of this journal appeared in 2004, the period 2005-2007 registering quarterly appearances in the University Book publishing house. Starting with 2007 and until 2012, with its publication in exceptional graphic conditions by the AEGIS publishing house from Timişoara, the journal establishes its half-yearly publications.

Noted by the quality of published articles and studies, by the personalities who sign in its pages, starting with 2013 RevArt Journal of Art Theory and Criticism becomes a project of the Cultural Agenda of the House of Culture of Timisoara and Cultural Agenda of the Timis County Council and enters the editorial portfolio of EUROSTAMPA Publishing House, imposing -is a constant presence in the consciousness of the specialized public and of art lovers, especially through the wide thematic horizon and the spiritual altitude of the materials signed by important personalities from the Romanian university and cultural environment and from abroad.

Being an elite journal, which set out from the beginning to host research from the diverse area of ​​art criticism and theory as well as from the twin level of philosophy, aesthetics or stylistics, REVART managed to establish itself as a stimulus and catalyst of creative energies. in the fields of MUSIC and VISUAL ARTS. Of course, the action of approaching and compartmentalizing the information or the products of the original Romanian research in the artistic field does not seem to be at all simple. However, an important number of personalities: musicologists, ethnomusicologists, artists, philosophers or art critics saw in REVART the optimal framework for expressing visionary horizons that have long demanded their right to free expression.

The pages of this journal opened, generously, in front of the initiative to enrich the golden fund of the Romanian research on all the directions of twinning of art with science. Depending on the material offered by researchers in the field – in their vast majority prestigious university teachers, passionate about research from the positions offered by the level of the present can shape the future of research.

Following the same idea, let us observe the differentiated weight that the materials related to the intensive research of the fields of performing arts or visual arts, under interpretive or creative relation, have, in each new volume published in print, in an impeccable graphic form. as well as those claiming the idea of ​​interdisciplinarity. It is also the reason why the REVART volumes are always presented in a fresh, flexible, innovative way, putting on the wallpaper a generous offer of ideas that can, in turn, generate a cascade of new possible routes to follow in future research. Therefore, the journal tends to become a “theme with evolutionary variations” in which each new editorial appearance becomes the canvas of other thought projections. I think that only in this way can one imagine a chain that has the fall and the strength to establish tradition: from yesterday and today to a “tomorrow” that we always want more fulfilled and more fruitful for the “tomorrow” to come. It is the sine qua non of progress in the art and science of research.


REVART journal is published by Eurostampa Publishing House from Timişoara and appears every six months. The journal is indexed in International Databases (BDI): CEEOL ( in Frankfurt Germany, EBSCO Publishing ( in the United States. REVART journal focuses on the theory and critique of art – in all its aspects, publishing works from a variety of subdomains:


The stylistics of artistic interpretation


Music and  medicine

Virtual Architecture and Heritage

Communication Design

Digital Art

Engineering Design

Fashion Design

Human Issues/Impacts

Industrial Design

Instructional Design

Net Art

Art criticism


Cultural, scientific and educational policies